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Follow Spot 600™


         Fs600 use single 600W imported LED. Suitable color temperature, high color rendering. Light body with all-aluminum materials, volume small size with light-weight, high brightness. High-power fan cooling system to ensure the safety LED Chip, can stability of continuous work. The lights can Close-up of the characters and scenery in stage lighting, theater, film and stadiums and other places

Features and Functions:

● Power: AC220V-240V/50-60Hz   
● Rated power:700W  
● color temperature:3200K/4500/6500
● Lamp 600W import LED
● Average life: 50000H, control lamp on/off
● Color:5 colors + white(ROYGBW)
● Zoom:adjust the room big or small, manual adjustment the definition
● Strobe:1-11hz/S
●projection distance:10-50meters/10-120meters   
●Cooling system: use 6piece 8 mm thick copper tube heat conduction through 132 pieces of large aluminum radiator, ensure the LED bead heat cooling, make the light within the normal range, guarantee the life of lamp bead.
●If the temperature is too high, will Trigger high-pressure protection, use new aluminum exterior design, the light is beauty and generous
● Light size:810*230*210mm
● Light weight:15KG